The Directors on our Board have varying backgrounds, with a special interest in Nepal as a common bond.

Jim Affleck

Jim Affleck and his wife have been generous contributors to the Nepal Foundation and are particularly interested in promoting education. Jim, a former banker, has been a member of various non-profit and corporate boards in the Philadelphia area over many years.

Janice Bogen, MA, PDSO, RO, Co-Chair

Janice Bogen, MA, PDSO, RO, Director, Office of International Exchange Services, Thomas Jefferson University, helped establish an exchange between Jefferson and the Patan Hospital.  She facilitates experiences for Jefferson students, medical residents, faculty and administrators who wish to do rotations, teach or travel in Nepal and around the world.  Janice earned a degree in Linguistics from Northwestern University, and Master’s degrees in Linguistics and Education at the University of Michigan.  Very active in NAFSA, Association for International Educators, she was recently awarded the Region VIII Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Education and the Homer Higbee Award for distinguished service.

Mary C. Carroll 

Mary C. Carroll has recently been appointed by the Government of Nepal as Honorary Consul of Nepal in Hawaii. She is Honorary Trade Representative of Nepal in the US and the first US citizen to receive the “Friend of Nepal” award from the Association of Nepalis in the Americas, the largest Nepali organization outside Kathmandu. She has made 16 trips to Nepal in 25 years; many involved organizing projects relating to education. She and her husband, David, are enthusiastic trekkers, favoring the higher elevations in Nepal. They have taken responsibility for our Artist-in-Residence program.

Nancy Hirsig

Nancy Hirsig has visited Nepal several times to assist on fund-raising trips and projects, and has hosted Nepalis and other foreign visitors in her home. Long interested in travel and international exchanges, her family has hosted foreign exchange students, sent each of two daughters for a year of high school abroad, lived in England for six years, and been fortunate to be able to travel with some frequency. She is pleased to count ethnic diversity amongst several younger members of her family. A member of the Board of Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company, her interests include the arts and education. Past associations include the Philadelphia & Vicinity YMCA International Committee, a student exchange screening and support group, and social justice issues, including a volunteer program in a county prison.

Binod Moktan

Binod Moktan is an accomplished artist, specializing in Thanka art.  He has exhibited in many countries in addition to Nepal, including the US, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan.  He is also active in Nepal’s political scene and is a highly respected member of the Nepali Congress Party, having run for public office from his district.  He is co-owner of the Persian Grill, a highly successful award-winning restaurant in Lafayette Hill, PA, near Philadelphia.

Sunil K. Nepal, Ph.D, Co-Chair

Sunil K. Nepal, Ph.D is a Principal Biostatistician with Bristol Myers. He has a degree and special interest in forestry and is active in The New Jersey Nepali Committee. 

Dr. Bishnuhari Paudyal, MD, MPH, Ph.D.

Dr. Bishnuhari Paudyal, MD, MPH, Ph.D. works in the Department of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  His many published peer-reviewed papers are frequently cited in international journals.  His research interests include diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colerectal cancer, and the development of imaging techniques for early diagnosis and therapy monitoring. Dr. Paudyal graduated Cum Laude in 2000, securing the first position with distinction as a Master in Public Health. Awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for his outstanding proposal for cancer imaging and therapy in 2008, Dr. Paudyal has received various national and international awards in his field, and speaks several languages.

Yadav Kumar Rai

Yadav Kumar Rai is our Consultant in Nepal; The Nepal Foundation’s first artist in Residence, he spent a year in the US. He holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Tribuvan University and is an accomplished vocalist, plays the harmonium, flute and guitar, and has made several CDs. Yadav is The Foundation’s point person for all of our activities in Nepal. His family residence is in Basa, The Foundation’s project area.

David W. Reynolds

David W. Reynolds is retired from a 37-year career with the US National Park Service. In 2011 he was assigned to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to serve as IUCN’s Senior Advisor for Protected Area Capacity Development. As the National Park Service’s Chief, Natural Resources and Science, Northeast Region since 2003, he and his staff provided natural resource expertise to park superintendents. In the 1980’s, he conducted training in parks, wildlife and environmental education programs for Peace Corps Volunteers and their host country counterparts. Before joining the National Park Service International Affairs Office in 1978, he worked in national parks in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. David has worked on short-term park and environmental education assignments in over 30 countries. He currently serves on the Board of the George Wright Society and is a member of the IUCN WCPA Protected Area Capacity Development Steering Committee.

Jambala Ruit

Jambala Ruit was born in the northeastern district of Taplejung, Nepal. After completing high school in Darjeeling, he came to the US for a college education. Jambala has lived in the Philadelphia area since 1989 and works as an engineer; he lives with his wife and two daughters in the northwestern suburb of Collegeville, PA. His parents now live in Kathmandu, and he is interested in helping the children of rural Nepal to have access to education and decent health care.

Jason Scarpello

Jason Scarpello is Creative Director for Eastern National, an educational organization that partners with the National Park Service in the United States based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Jason co-led a fact-finding team to Nepal in November 2001 to help the Nepalese government consider building educational stores at Sagarmatha National Park. This experience inspired Jason’s deep appreciation and care for Nepal and the Nepalese people. Jason also serves as chair of the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Philadelphia and Vicinity Justin Scarpello Memorial Golf Classic in memory of his brother.

Purna Sakya


Dennis L. Cohen, Esq., a partner with the Philadelphia law firm Cozen O’Connor, is our legal advisor. Other advisors include Emilio and Carole Gravagno; Ann B. Mygatt, Esq; Sherri L. Oberg; Lucia Oelz; Eliana Papadaskis; Vivian W. Piasecki; Durga Rai; Maanu Rai; Roger Ray; Dick Riegler; Ellen T. Ruff, Esq.; Lawrence S. Smith; Mallika Shakya; Dr. George Tayor; Suman R. Timsina; Van Williams