The Basa Project

Begun in 2010 and focusing on a remote and extremely impoverished rural area, this project is being guided by local input and effort. Goals are to meet some of the community's basic needs for improved living conditions, health and education, and to help establish a self-sustaining model for healthy community development. Having become The Nepal Foundation's main focus for the past four years, it has been very successful and has led to more extensive plans and success. Our Basa Project area suffered from severely damaged homes and schools - and some of the latrines which were such a proud accomplishment in 2012 - but lives were lost on site. The villagers [...]


A six-month-long program was designed for Nepali artists who wish to develop their creative and artistic talents in an unstructured setting in Hawaii. Artists chosen to participate must have a clear personal goal to develop a specific project or skill. We hope to accept one Nepali artist per year. Living and transportation expenses are funded by The Nepal Foundation and individual donations. The program includes a stay in a private residence, with opportunities for meeting American neighbors and artists, sightseeing, and learning about the American way of life. Special emphasis is placed on learning how democracy works in the US. The Artist-in-Residence program is modeled after a similar and highly successful [...]

Patan Hospital

A cooperative arrangement was established between US hospitals and Patan Hospital in Kathmandu for the exchange of ideas, training, and equipment. One result: GE healthcare donated $50,000 worth of medical equipment for the new wing of the Patan Hospital, and doctors have spent time teaching in Patan. Our projects and charity recipients sometimes need specific medical or other equipment. When we know of specific requests they will be posted here. If you are interested in making such a donation please contact us. Click below to learn more about other TNF Projects The Basa Project Artist-in-Residence Technical Assistance to Sagarmatha National Park Earthquake Recovery

Technical Assistance to Sagarmatha National Park

The Solukhumbu District of Nepal contains Sagarmatha National Park, the location of Mount Everest. In 2001 the Nepal Foundation collaborated with the US National Park Service and the Nepal Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation through a Sister Park Arrangement. The Arrangement provided a four-week executive management training program in US National Park sites in the eastern US for the Chief Warden of Sagarmatha NP. A few years later the Nepal Foundation also worked with Eastern National to provide training to personnel in Sagarmatha on managing bookstores and shops in national parks and on designing visitor information centers. Currently the Nepal Foundation does not have an active project with Sagarmatha NP. [...]

Earthquake Recovery

The April 2015 earthquakes led to many generous contributions for aid to the Basa region where TNF has worked with the Rapchha community since late 2010. Individuals and organizations sent donations small and large, leading to the decision that TNF would continue working directly with Basa villagers even as new challenges far exceeded those faced in the past. New meetings held with villagers helped to focus on the most urgent needs, available resources, short and long-term goals for the community. Although major government aid to rebuild houses has been slow to arrive, materials for temporary shelters, local ingenuity and resilience have helped immensely. BasaKhali Secondary School, serving over 400 students, must [...]

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