The Nepal Foundation is a philanthropic organization established to promote collaborations between citizens of the U.S. and Nepal.

Our Goals:

  • To fund our current Basa Project, which relates to all of our other goals.
  • To increase awareness of people in the U.S. about Nepal and its cultural and social heritage.
  • To promote educational, social and cultural exchanges for better understanding and to work toward our other goals.
  • To encourage and facilitate the creation of partnerships between social, education, cultural, and environmental institutions in Nepal and in the US.
  • Convened staff from the Nepali Parks and Wildlife Department and the US National Park Service to collaborate on personnel training and the design of a Visitors’ Center in Sagarmatha Park, where Mt. Everest is located.
  • Organized trips to Nepal to increase understanding between people in the US and Nepal, to research potential avenues for assistance with a component of personal involvement.
  • Initiated an Artist-in-Residence Program, which enabled several young Nepali artists to spend time in the US working independently on their individual projects while learning about America.