The April 2015 earthquakes led to many generous contributions for aid to the Basa region where TNF has worked with the Rapchha community since late 2010. Individuals and organizations sent donations small and large, leading to the decision that TNF would continue working directly with Basa villagers even as new challenges far exceeded those faced in the past.

New meetings held with villagers helped to focus on the most urgent needs, available resources, short and long-term goals for the community. Although major government aid to rebuild houses has been slow to arrive, materials for temporary shelters, local ingenuity and resilience have helped immensely.

BasaKhali Secondary School, serving over 400 students, must be rebuilt. One of the community’s first responses after the earthquake was to document the damage done to this school and take the findings to the District Education Office to request funds to rebuild it. Meanwhile, classes are held in temporary classrooms made from corrugated tin sheets tied together.

This school, so important to the community, serves also as a central meeting place for important assemblies, festivals, teacher training, political speeches, intra-school spelling bees and debates.

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